Juno and Mark

m and j

– Juno and Marks relationship shows a true connection between the two. He can be himself and open up to Juno. She has the same interests as him and he begins to put into his own mind that he and Juno have a bond. A bond that appears to be a sexual attraction to Juno, but it is for freedom. Mark sees Juno as a young girl who has her whole life ahead of her and is able to make mistakes without it affecting her future drastically; her teen pregnancy can be fixed by giving the baby to adoptive parents. That is what Mark is attracted to, he sees what his life use to be like until it was shoved in the basement to be forgotten. Juno is interested in Mark and the similarities they have in music and movies. She found someone that is like her, a misfit, but he seemingly has his life together and he represents what her future could be. It security for Juno that she doesn’t have to figure herself out and can still live successfully. When Mark admits to Juno that he wants to divorce Vanessa, he is surprised by her negative reaction towards it. He thought she would think the same way because the are so similar, but Juno wanted Mark and Vanessa to be together with the baby because again for security. If these two people can’t make it, what’s to say that I will? Their relationship is that of a strong desire. Mark; his youth. Juno; security



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