Mark Loring

Mark l

– Mark represents a character that has been molded into something he doesn’t want to be. Mark and his wife Vanessa are different in several ways, the fact that they got married astounds me. She is a controlling woman with a well thought out plan for the future that she wants. Mark is forced to come along for the ride even when he is not ready for it. Mark acts like a teenager because he never grew up. He wanted to do so many things, but never had the chance because he was forced to move on. Its also interesting that he wanted to be in a band to express his music as an art form, but his job is to write catchy jingles for ad companies to sell their products to the masses. The basement symbolizes Mark. It is dark, cluttered, and cramped. The true Mark has been pushed down into the dark depths and is supposed to be forgotten. He is a character that hasn’t found who he is supposed to be yet, and he has spent a lot of time doing things he doesn’t want to do, or isn’t ready for.

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