Juno and Bleeker

bleeker and juno

-When Juno tells him she is pregnant with his baby, Bleaker wants to be involved and help Juno, because he loves her. Throughout the movie Juno constantly tells Bleaker not to worry about the pregnancy and even tells him to ask out another girl. Bleaker is confused because he wants to her, but he can’t admit that he has feelings for her because he doesn’t know if she has the same feelings. Normal high school dilemma. When Bleeker starts hanging out with another girl, right around the time that the baby bump is extremely noticeable, Juno gets annoyed and hurt by that. She tells him that he gets off Scott free from this pregnancy and that she is the evidence of it the “cautionary whale.” Juno was hiding her true feelings for Bleeker by putting him off from trying to help out with the pregnancy. In the beginning of the movie She tells him nonchalantly that she got pregnant and told him not to worry about it. Juno also downgrades why she had sex with him in the first place saying that she was just bored. The movie shows a scene of Bleeker holding one of Juno’s panties from when they had sex. He keeps it as a memento, not because that was when he had sex, but because he love her. The two both admit to liking each other, but when Juno is in labor she doesn’t let Bleeker know so he isn’t worried during his race. She was still trying to keep knowledge away from him because she didn’t want it to bother him, but he finally goes to the hospital himself, which is what he wanted to do all along; be there for Juno.

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